Established in 1985, CAVOS Products is a family owned and operated business proud to provide a superior product, unfailing quality and a commitment to unrivaled customer service. We continually endeavor to improve our product range, invest in new technology whilst offering customers excellent value for money. CAVOS Products produces more than 100 product varieties and supply to wholesalers, takeaways, restaurants, caterers, hotels, clubs, butchers, supermarkets, function centers, corporate venues, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, childcare centers, retail, direct to public. CAVOS Products was one of the first food production companies to use trans-fat free Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil┬áis truly “the world’s healthiest” edible oil, containing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and trans fat free. The oil is extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice. It is notable for its very high smoke point and its mild flavor, making it suitable for high temperature cooking.