For those unfamiliar, a souvlaki or kebab is a Greek or Middle-Eastern fast food consisting of small pieces of meat or chicken threaded onto a skewer and then grilled.

Our delicious kebabs or souvlakia come in a range of popular flavours. We ensure that they are coated completely all around the outside of each and every kebab, providing an even coating and ensuring wonderful flavour to every bite you take.

Our kebabs are individual frozen using a modern IQF System (Individually Quick Frozen). You are able to take out each individual kebab from the carton without having to defrost a whole box or trying to shatter pack/drop the carton to access a small number of kebabs.

There are three options when ordering from our kebab range:

  • Regular which is a standard sized skewer of around 110 gram portion. Each carton containing 48 kebabs.
  • Mini or Cocktail size approximately 60 grams each with each carton containing 96 kebabs.
  • Both sizes are also available fully cooked, only requiring defrosting and heating to serve.